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Janelle Design England

Handmade soft furnishings to dress your home

About Us

Hello and welcome to Janelle Design.

The name Janelle originates from a combination of Janet and Michelle who started their family business back in 2007 from their home.

The team consists of Janet (Mother), Michelle (Daughter) and Bill (Father) and the help from their reliable outdoor machinists. Jan has always had a passion for fabrics and creating beautiful home furnishings.

Jan began as a seamstress starting at the age of four! When Jan reached sixteen years of age she then trained as a dress machinist and has continued in the sewing indrustry ever since. Jan has over forty years experience hand making and desiging bespoke clothing, curtains, cushions and many other gorgeous soft furnishings. 

Now the business has outgrown our home and we have now moved to our work unit where we have more space to create our beautiful designs.

All products on our website are handmade and british manufactured by ourselves, we ship all over the world and have miultiple currency options available, you can select your currency from the top left menu bar.

Thank you for visting our website, you can view a range of our stunning designer fabrics and handmade home textiles in our shop.